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I have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, a Masters in Creativity & a Ph.D in Getting the Job Done!

Shondra Cheris is a Premier Luxury Travel Consultant, Lifestyle Manager & Event Designer.  She became a travel consultant because of her love of planning unforgettable experiences for people as an Event Designer and her experiences living overseas throughout her childhood.  Shondra found herself over the last 14 years planning travel for others and clients as a value added service as an live event planner and designer. After planning many travel experiences  not just for herself but for clients, family, colleagues and countless others, she decided it was time to emerge herself in the travel industry.

This makes Shondra’s services even more unique and experiential.  Not only is she able to plan your conference or vacation, but she can design your entire guest experience.

Shondra like many self-proclaimed “internet deal searchers”, did most of her luxury planning online.  She later realized that it is more efficient to have a travel industry professional assist her as they seem to get better travel deals.  This was something difficult for her to admit after years of finding what she thought was the best options for her via her hours of searching.  Now, she offers that experience along with formal travel industry training to assist her in offering inclusive services for her clients.

I’m not in this to just make money like many who enter the travel industry.  I’m here to enrich your travel experience.  I want to be your loyal travel confidant and ultimate experience producer.  I desire to make the art of traveling enjoyable and unforgettable.

What do you get from utilizing Shondra’s services that is different from the millions of other travel industry professionals out there?


The services we all offer are the exact same. My marketing mind tells me this, however, as an individual how I provide the service makes me different.

  • I am invested in you as if you are my family and I want you to have a great time.
  • I get excited about your travel as if I am the one going.
  • I believe the fact that you chose me to provide you with this service, means I need to discern the correct travel partners to utilize in order to maximize your time and experiences.
  • Most importantly, I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO!